Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Fashion Tips

Here are some quick tips to save a little money and extend that summer wardrobe you loved to your fall wardrobe as well as some buying tips for those must-haves you really want to get.

1) Layer Layer Layer! You can still wear that cute short sleeved top--just pair it together with a thermal or long sleeved tee and a jacket for cooler days. Everything from your summer skirts to tanks can be worn in cooler weather with a little bit of layering. This works especially great for kids too, who look extra cute when you layer their clothes and bundle them up!

2) Color--Use it! Don't be afraid to use bold jewelry and accessories that are traditionally summer-inspired. A pop of bright red next to all your neutral browns and earth tones you wear in the fall can be gorgeous. So don't put away all those accessories that you love, break one out every now and then. The bonus to this is that on a rainy or extra cold and dreary day its a nice boost to be surrounded by lots of color.

3) Buy the basics! If you must add on to your wardrobe, this is the year to do it on staples like an extra-long cardigan which will be super comfy or a nice pair of jeans that you can wear through the whole year. Cardigans, especially long ones which are in right now, are great for throwing on as you head out the door. These are great buys because you can enjoy them when you lounge around the house or well through spring. Jeans are a good investment too if you are in need of a new pair. Make sure you try a cute boot fit to go with all the boots you have been wanting to wear this fall that are in style. Basic things are what is most in style this fall so there is no need to break the bank this fall on anything out there. Simple sweater dresses, cardigans, denim, bulky sweaters, and leather boots are the hot trends this fall.
--The Unique Mom