Friday, April 24, 2009

Hyvee 3 Day Sale

Today was a great day to pick up some basics at Hyvee! A LOT of items were very cheap in their ad this week. This week was supposed to be our "no spend week" but Hyvee has a 3 day sale going on thru tomorrow (Saturday). Since I had to run in to pick up some necessities anyway I went ahead and did some light shopping. Plus, we have company coming into town this weekend so we wanted to get some meat to grill out since the weather is just so amazing today! Hard to believe it is almost 90 degrees as I type this!

Here is what we got for under $55

2 gallons of Country Fare skim milk @ $2.25 each
1 Hyvee sour cream @ 58 cents w/ in-ad coupon
1 Hyvee strawberry yogurt @ $1.77
1 Country Fare cottage cheese @ $1.48
1 Hyvee eggs @ 97 cents

2 Jacks frozen pizzas @ 1.99 each
Grocery & Pantry Items
6 Taco seasoning mixes for at 3 for $1 = $2
1 Hyvee White Sandwich bread @ $1.18
8 boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese @ 48 cents each

Fresh green beans for 99 cents/lb
2 lemons @ 2 for 59 cents
Oranges for 69 cents/lb

Chicken Family Value Pack @ 97 cents/lb
Ground Turkey 2 for $3
3 Ribeyes @ 5.99 each

They were sold out of their 3 for $1 baked beans and Kraft Singles for $1.99. But it was still a good trip for us. Next week is another "no spend" grocery week and we are going to try and stick to basic items again. Barring no amazing deals you won't see me heading out anywhere for groceries! :-)

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