Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My name is Jessica. I am young mom to an almost 2 1/2 year old little boy, happily married, and living in the Midwest. I am also expecting in December 2008 my second child. I am a modern mom who is also currently busy finishing up my degree. I have passion for parenting--and everything that comes with it. From teaching my kids their ABC's and numbers to showing them the value of love and friendship--being a parent is amazing. I especially love to shop around for my children and family and find one-of-a-kind items. Even if I don't buy things, I enjoy the search for something different. Fashion is something I have always loved and although I am no celebrity, I have a knack for finding really cool things. I am also interested in politics and international issues so I consider myself a pretty hip and global mom. I love to travel, whether locally or abroad. I some day hope to open my own boutique but for now I enjoy shopping in them. I hope to share on this blog not just all the neat things I find, but also maybe a little bit about myself and what is going on in this big crazy world. Hope you enjoy!

--The Unique Mom

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