Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Splash Into Summer!

What's a better way to beat the heat than to go swimming! It's fun for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, and adults! Here are some things you might want to bring or try at the pool this summer:
  1. First off, don't forget the sunscreen and a hat! You can never be careful. Remember to reapply often.
  2. Bring cups, buckets, and plastic containers. Little kids love dumping out water into other containers. My two year old can play for hours with these.
  3. Bring soft, cushy balls to toss. These are fun for little and big kids. Big kids can throw these around to play catch and little kids like to make the water squirt out.
  4. Bring squirties. These are fantastic for both the bath tub and at the pool. We bring enough to have a little squirting war. Also great for when mom is sitting on a pool chair and wants to cool down--just spray and enjoy!
  5. Snacks and water to drink if your local pool will let you have it on-site. Our pool doesn't mind if little kids have sippy cups or baggies of small cheerios. These are great for a quick snack during pool checks.
  6. Your child's favorite plastic toy. This will provide endless hours of entertainment. For us cars and trucks are wonderful but for a girl it might be her favorite plastic baby doll. Because its plastic, it won't hurt for it to get wet.
  7. Try showing your child how they can play in the water. Scoop up water with your hands and show them how to use their hands to do this. Or show them how to make waves in the water. You can even make a game of it by encouraging him/her to make the smallest or biggest waves. Be creative and have fun!
  8. A giant beach bag and towel. Pack in a freezer size ziplock bag to put all your toys in so they don't get everything wet and pack a plastic grocery bag if you need to change out of your wet swimming suit.

Have a Safe and Cool Summer!

--The Unique Mom

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Deneal said...

Hello! I found your site because someone had used the link to get to my Laugh, Learn, Love blog. I've just done a little browsing, but it looks like you have lots of fun ideas. I can't wait to try out that yummy cookie recipe, oh wow!! Anyways, thanks for listing our blog.