Monday, July 28, 2008

Quick & Easy Craft Tips

If your child loves arts and crafts, here are some quick tips. There will probably still be glue on the table or crayon marks on your walls (thats where wipes and magic erasers come in handy by the way), but here are a couple of neat tricks to keep you organized and your kids happy.

1) Start a craft bin--buy a tote or plastic bin with a lid and use it to contain all of your kids fun craft things. I actually have two, one for all of the crayons, sticker, markers and miscellaneous things we use for crafts and one for anything I have planned for a special project or that needs kept separate. I keep paper plates, plastic baggies of rice and beans, a stapler and tape, and pre-cutouts of shapes from construction paper in this bin.

2) Try something different--don't use just plan old crayons and markers even though they are wonderful. Use glitter sticks, finger paint, watercolors, felt pieces, glue, playdoh, used egg cartons and toilet paper rolls, etc. Anything around the the house can be a new craft!

3) Do art with your kids--this will keep them occupied for longer and give you an opportunity to teach them something new. You don't have to be an aspiring artist to teach your kids something. You can show them how to mix paint to make a new color or show them how to draw silly faces. Staying involved will make it lots more fun for both of you.

--The Unique Mom

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